Johnson County Soccer Club is joining KC Athletics


Johnson County Soccer Club joins KC Athletics

Johnson County Soccer Club is pleased to announce they will be joining the KC Athletics Soccer Club! All players will immediately become full fledged Athletics players on teams in our Kansas Regional and Championship levels of the KC Athletics Player Pathway (see image to the right).


KC Athletics have put together a resource to be continuously updated for our players. On this page you'll find quick resources for JCSC players and families on the process to join KC Athletics. This includes information on movement of full teams, individual players, coaching assignments, the tryout process, registration process, uniform process and so much more.

The goal of the page is to answer as many of the questions that may be out there as possible. So if you don't see the answer on the page, please ask it in the forum listed  and/or reach out to one of the contacts on the page or your immediate coach.

Q. What's next?

A. Your team will continue to compete as a JCSC team through the Spring. Your coaches are already looped in to the KC Athletics process and are working with other KC Athletics coaches to begin preparing for the tryout process. You do not currently need to do anything ahead of this process, but if you want to you can check out our Camps and begin registering now!

Q. Will my team stay together?

A. It is our goal in the process that each player is placed in the best environment possible to meet their overall development. For most players, this means their teams will stay together, however all players will have the opportunity to tryout for teams above them in the KC Athletics Player Pathway. Details specific to each current JCSC team will be shared from the current coach.

Q. Will I still have the same coach?

A. We are hard at work on coaching assignments now. You should hear directly from your current coach about your team and potential coach for the next competitive year (August 2022-May 2023). Coaching assignments for the KC Athletics Club will be published later this Spring.

Q. What will the fees be like?

A. We have our fee sheets from last year up on our website on the Tryouts page. While there will be some small adjustments, you can get a good feel for the fees and KC Athletics fee structure and payment system from these forms. Please consult the player pathway on the right to understand where your team/player might fall in the pathway.

Q. How do we get uniforms?

A. KC Athletics is hitting a new uniform cycle. We are a Nike branded club and order through Soccer Master. After tryouts are complete, your team admin will send an invite to you to order uniforms. We request all uniforms are ordered by July 1 to give the best chance to receive them before the season.

Q. Where will we practice?

A. KC Athletics is working to maintain JCSC current practice facilities, but also has training locations currently at Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex, Compass Minerals Sporting Fields, and Swope Soccer Complex. Every effort is made to place teams at practice locations nearest their regional home.

Q. What are tryouts like? Will my player have a spot?

A. All JCSC players coming into the club will be treated as part of the KC Athletics Family. We try to find a home for every single player that attends our tryouts so we can meet our philosophy. For most JCSC players, this will be simply returning to their current roster with some more players potentially added too it if needed.

Q. Will my team be required to travel?

A. Traveling is not required at KC Athletics. Our Academy teams do have travel included as part of their competitive structure and thus when a player decides to join the Academy process, they are accepting the associated travel. However, at all other levels the travel opportunities are up to the coach and the team.

Q. What if I don't currently have a team or want to tryout for a different team within KC Athletics?

A. In order to meet our philosophy, KC Athletics coaches (of which your JCSC coach is now becoming) work very hard with each other to ensure every player is placed in the best possible environment for their individual development. That means all players have the ability to tryout for any team in the club. We do our best to find a home for every player that attends.

Q. Is Dual Rostering allowed?

A. KC Athletics works very hard to make sure all rosters have enough players to be self sufficient so our first priority is to create a roster with the right number of players at the right level to succeed developmentally. However, there are times where dual rostering occurs to better an individuals development or support a roster that may be 1 or 2 players short. For players who do end up dual-carding a small fee is associated with each season in which they dual (Fall, Winter, Spring).